DGCustomerFirst – Dollar General Customer Satisfaction Survey

DGCustomerFirst – Dollar General Customer Satisfaction Survey – The Dollar General Survey, also known as DGCustomerFirst 2022, was carried out by company representatives for all Americans.

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The primary objective of the dgcustomerfirst.com survey is to gather feedback regarding the quality of the goods/products, the friendliness of the staff, customer service, etc. So gathering customer feedback aids in improving in-store operations.

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Steps to the Survey

DGCustomerFirst - Dollar General Customer Satisfaction Survey

Take Dollar General Survey

DGCustomerFirst – Dollar General Customer Satisfaction Survey

Online Method

  • Visit the portal or the official Dollar General link.
  • Enter the 15-digit access code/dgcustomerfirst.com survey code 2020, the store number, and the cash receipt from the specified time.
  • The poll includes a number of questions, as previously mentioned.
  • Answering truthfully is required, followed by clicking the “Submit” button.
  • All of the contact information must be entered.
  • They will receive a Dollar General coupon to utilize on their subsequent trip.

Take Dollar General Survey

Through Mail

 You can complete the Dollar General Survey Without Receipt and without purchasing any goods.

  • Take a card that is roughly 3.5 × 5 inches first.
  • Additionally, include your D.O.B., complete name, contact information, and email address on the card.
  • Send the card to the following address as a final step.
  • Postal Address: PO Box 251328 West Bloomfield, MI 48325; Dollar General Survey Sweepstakes.

Take Dollar General Survey


Every week, there will be 10 winners. Each prize winner will get a $100 gift card, redeemable at any Dollar General location.

The winners are chosen at random by an administrator from all entries received during the entry period. There would be a weeklong entrance period. Each entry period is limited to one entry per client.

You might also want to be on the lookout because DG stores occasionally give survey participants coupons that are valid at all DG stores.

If they receive such a reward, participants can print the code or note it down on a receipt. Refunds are available during their subsequent trip to a DG store.

Take Dollar General Survey

Rules and Requirements

An individual must meet the requirements listed below in order to conduct a customer survey on the Dgcustomerfirst portal:

  1. A recent cash receipt from a Dollar General store is required to complete the survey.
  2. They have to be at least 18 years old.
  3. To complete the survey, they are free to use any device, including a computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.
  4. A functioning email address
  5. Stable WiFi or internet connection.
  6. Most essential, they must be a legitimate American resident.
  7. Taxes are due and payable by the prize winner.
  8. There are no restrictions on who can take part in this survey, therefore everyone is welcome to do so. However, Dollar General stores insist that clients use their services at least once in order for the survey to be completed.
  9. The DGCustomerFirst Survey, the survey process, and the total financial awards are all subject to withdrawal at any time.
  10. Along with offering crucial support, the organization also expects total cooperation from each of its respected clients.

       11. Only authorized department stores and the official website,    www.dgcustomerfirst.com,acceptable places to take the survey. You may only claim your prize after completing the survey.

        12. Only customers who meet the prerequisites are eligible to take part in this poll.

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About the Company

The first Dollar General store opened its doors in the United States in 1939. A variety of businesses are owned by Dollar General, originally known as J. L. Turner, including Dollar General Market, Dollar General Financial, and Dollar General Global Sourcing. The big-box stores offer commodities including clothing, toys, home goods, cosmetics, and cleaning supplies.

James was brave enough to seize the opportunity during the Great Depression rather than give in to it, and as a result, this company was born. He entered the buy-and-sell of general retailers in bankruptcy. He eventually accumulated enough cash to launch his own successful business, and in 1955, the Dollar General store was established to provide consumers with affordable goods.

James Luther passed away in 1964 when the business had $40 million in yearly sales and $1.5 million in profits. With sales of $6 billion in 2002, Cal Jr. retired at this point.

Take Dollar General Survey


The management of Dollar General is interested in hearing the frank and unbiased opinions of their customers. They assert that it is the most successful method for enhancing services and goods.

Additionally, they aim to further simplify the purchasing process. We hope that this article has helped you better understand how you can support DG while also having a chance to win a gift card.

Customers appreciate shopping at the business because of the high quality of its products. You must read the survey’s rules and instructions before you can take the DG Customer First survey. People will also provide you with honest criticism and honest consumer reviews of goods and services.

Take Dollar General Survey

Contact Details

Customers can reach Dollar General at any time using the information shown below.

Call Dollar General at 615 855 4000.

100 Mission Ridge, Goodlettsville, Tennessee 37072, USA; Permanent Mailing Address.

Headquarters and Mailing Address: 100 Mission Red and Goodlettsville, Tennessee, USA-37072.

Email Contact: Visit the Dollar General Store checkout page for more information. You can visit www.dollargeneral.com and submit your details. The customer service team will contact you by email.

Social: Follow Dollar General on Twitter @DollarGeneral for the latest Dollar General news and updates. Find the latest updates from Dollar General Corporation.

FAQs of the Survey

1. What drives customer surveys?

Surveys are quite important for collecting data from a variety of clients. Additionally, surveys give the relevant organization useful, beneficial information. Customer surveys aid in enhancing the company’s reputation. The survey administrators will also offer a chance to win Free Prizes. So, shortly complete the Dollar General survey.

  1. What is the Dollar General Store’s phone number?

Thank you very much for coming to the Dollar General store. Additionally, you should receive a response to all of your online inquiries in a day or two. Additionally, call (877) 463-1553 to speak with customer care for the online store.

3. What is the DOLLARS GENERAL Survey Code?

The receipt has a 15-digit survey code that you can use.

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